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Maico Group; Founded in Germany in 1928 by Christian Maier, is a company specialized in the production of domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation systems Third generation family-owned company continues to grow with international investments and partnerships. With 8 production facilities in five continents, 7 different brands, 12 subsidiaries and distributors in 70 countries, the goal of Maico Group is to support continuous improvement and development in the field of ventilation in the world. Aiming to make the innovative ventilation fan technologies it produces and develops easily accessible all over the world, Maico Group has accomplished this mission in many countries since its establishment. Established in Turkey in 2020, Maico Turkey has started to offer the fan product groups it produces to the service of the Turkish market users as of the middle of 2021.

Maico Ventilation Fans Since 1928
Dynair Industrial Ventilation Fans


Industrial Ventilation Fans

DYNAIR® is a brand division of Maico GmbH and is a well-known brand name at the global level in the industrial ventilation and plant engineering sector. Technological expertise, high production capacities, strong research and investment policies together with a personalized back-up service focused on customer needs have been, for over 35 years, the qualities that distinguish our company.

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Elicent Domestic Ventilation Fans


Domestic Ventilation Fans

Elicent, Maico's worldwide leading domestic product group brand, continues to be the first choice of consumers with its leading technologies, and innovative and long-lasting ventilation fan models. Elicent has different products and solutions for different locations and needs such as room, wall, window, kitchen, bathroom, and chimney ventilation.

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Elicent E-Style 100 Wall Type Thin Axial Bathroom Ventilation Fans were preferred in Ankara Park Joven Bilkent residential project.

Dynair T/QCM and T/AC-A Wall type axial fans were preferred in Aydın-Çine Biotrend Energy Biomass Electricity Production Facility project.

Elicent AXC 250 In Line Radial Ventilation Fans and Dynair T/AXM 125 duct-type mixed flow radial fans were preferred in the Riva Dusler Vadisi residential project./h1>

Dynair QCM-ATX Ex- Proof Wall Type Axial Fans were preferred in the Serik-2 Waste Water Treatment Plant project.

Elicent Elegance 100 Wall Type Axial Bathroom Fans were preferred in the Lara Barut Collection hotel project.

Dynair Industrial Ventilation Fans